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James Hockley was born in Essex (yes, that’s the Essex) in the cold months of 1982. He was educated at the well respected but frustratingly single-sex Colchester Royal Grammar School, where he spent much of his time avoiding sports of any kind and avoiding comments directed at his unfortunate complexion. He went on to Bristol University where he studied Accounting and Finance (a fine basis for a future aspiring creative author) and it was at university where he rediscovered his love of fiction and embarked on an attempt to turn one of his daydreams into literary dynamite. Unfortunately, it was more like wet tobacco.

Having fallen in love with Bristol, James further entrenched himself when he embarked on a brief and chaotic career as a pub landlord, before following his more natural education-led path into the world of bean counting. Roll forward a few years, and his career expanded into multiplying beans, and this is where he continues to spend the hours of nine ‘til five.

Now, regardless of how fulfilling a career in beans may be, it does leave one’s creative side rather frustrated, and through all this period, James continued doggedly on with his writing as a way of maintaining creative sanity. There were numerous versions of the same core story, and there were even full draft copies which were passed about friends and family, with tentative positive feedback. Unfortunately, in reality, the output was … lacking, and this was confirmed when a) the novel was turned down by numerous literary agents, and b) a critique confirmed as much.

But not to be deterred by his inability, James pushed on, learning, practising, editing, and starting from scratch. The result? A draft of the story that he could read and not cringe over, and that he actually enjoyed. With this personal success warming his confidence, he embarked on a second foray into the murky world of literary agents. If anything, the rejection was harder to stomach this second time.

But no! He was not going to be beaten, so James concluded that a) his work could probably do with further refinements; and b) finding a literary agent was like playing the lottery. It was time for a different tactic, so he stepped into the world of self-publishing. With the huge support of his friends and family, James managed to stamp (or tap) his authorial presence onto the online sphere (he has a website at least), and from here, he is attempting to launch himself into a sub-career as a novelist. His first novel, Fear’s Union, the first part of the Age of Ku trilogy, will be released in 2016. A prequel novella, titled Mandestroy, will also be available in online bookstores in 2016.

James is now working on the second part of the trilogy, with numerous off-shoot ideas sloshing around in his daydreams. He is also working on a second independent trilogy with an entirely different flavour, but not being certain that it tastes any good, will stay quiet on this for now.

James still lives in Bristol with his wife, Rachel, and his young son, Thomas – though they know him by his alternative non-authorial alias. He fills his non-bean related spare hours grappling with the literary articulation of his imagination, except when the sun is out, at which time he likes to cook meat in the garden.

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