World of Ku

The World of l’Unna

l’Unna is a world plagued by the unrelenting resistance of its history. It is a world in disarray following the fall of its greatest empires, and as feuding factions serve to weaken the already fragile balance, dusk is rising once more; and with it, the Age of Ku.  But l’Unna is not ready.

The story of l’Unna is one of conflict – between neighbours and nations; between the past and the present; between lovers and haters; between siblings and friends. And between the gods. Dusk is coming, and the world must stand up.

Dusk is Coming

“Remember that old children’s story that your parents told you to get you to sleep? The one that ends “dusk is coming to get you?” No? The people of l’Unna certainly do. It still haunts the night for thousands of children.

“But a man of wisdom once said that ‘all stories have at least a seed of actuality’. So, which bits of this story might we consider to be history? Or worse, what if it was all true, and what if history was threatening to repeat? Well, l’Unna is about to find out.

“Dusk is coming.”

A short story titled ‘Dusk is Coming’ is available by signing up for the author newsletter. It offers a taste of what is awaiting the unfortunate world of l’Unna, and all her inhabitants.

Age of Ku

The Age of Ku tells the story of the second coming of Ku from the perspective of a wealthy corner of l’Unna.  The first instalment of this trilogy, Fear’s Union, is available for Kindle NOW and will be available for other formats and stores in late 2016. The second instalment, While They’re Down, is in development. The final, as yet untitled, instalment is still a figment of my imagination (as it has been for many years.)

Other Stories of l’Unna

As with any well rooted fantasy series, the world of l’Unna offers rich opportunities for a more expansive storytelling experience.  The first of these stories, titled Mandestroy, is a novella prequel to the first novel, Fear’s Union.  It will be available in online bookstores from mid 2016.

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