Fear’s Union

Book One: The Coming of the Age of Ku

Fear's-UnionAhan is a country at war, and strange behaviour is afoot.  Her aggressive enemies have united, and things are suddenly tougher.  But why?  Perhaps they are scared, but of what?  Dusk is coming.

Anejo has only ever wanted to be a soldier, but her gender and her lineage  deny that freedom.  Her reaction?  To rebel while she still can.  Except, for someone seeking to avoid the stage, she has a remarkable capacity for theatrics.  Trouble tails wherever she steps.

Her closest friend, Xen, walks right beside her, offering caution where it is deserved, but rarely succeeding.  And she is distracted by her own troubles – an illicit affair.  It’s love, or she thinks it is.  He would never leave her, would he?

And Aran, a companion from the same military institution, shadows the friends.  He is a soldier only in title and in the single deed of his past, but he must live the soldiering life.  And he himself is stalked by a shadow, an internal shadow, and one that threatens to consume.  Only one thing is certain – he cannot be responsible for his actions.

Dusk is coming, and Ahan must stand firm.  Can the three friends unite with their country, or will they be slave to the will of the world?  Only the gods may know.

Fear's Union (The Age of Ku, #1)

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