The Mikaetan Chronicles

Is it possible for one man to rule the world?  No.  Most of the world?  Now that is a different question.

Of anyone, the Emperors of Mikaeta came closest: the line of Villas was virile indeed.  But the line of existence tells us that all things must dip and trough – there is a terrible cycle to existence.  And so it is with the Empire of Mikaeta.

All great things must come to an end.  All things must end.

These books cover the period of the Mikaetan Empire where it approached its greatest reach – but also, ultimately toppled.  They are set approximately a thousand years before the second coming of the Age of Ku.


Murdering the Emperor?  Impossible.  Preposterous.  Mad!  You would be a maniac to even attempt it.

That doesn’t mean that people didn’t try.

The Book of Elai

The Mikaetan monstrosity grows beyond safe tolerances. It is unsustainable.  It is too powerful.  It is … terrifying.

At the time when Mikaeta waxes to her greatest reach, her only true enemy lashes back.  It is an invasion like none seen before, headed by the greatest warrior of his time – a man called simply Elai.  But is it enough?  If anyone can do it, then Elai can.  Can’t he?

The Dark Side of the Stone

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But ultimately, all great things must come to an end.  How? Well, not as expected.  all the greatest warriors and schemers couldn’t topple the untouchable Empire.  It was impenetrable.

But what about a woman?  Just a simple young woman with stubborn focus and unwavering curiosity?  Well, that is a different matter entirely.

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