Beagle’s Blot 13 | The First Foot

It’s fair to say that my first impressions of the First Fist are not great. This is First Foot, the place where it all began, and yet it is nothing to speak of. There was greater luxury on the boat.

Now, to put this in context, when the Jinq landed in Ahan, the place at which they landed eventually became the city called Jinalas. I have heard a great many things about Jinalas, but now I think on it, I have never heard anything fine about First Foot. Or indeed anything about First Foot. I now see why.

In fact, even calling it First Foot is becoming wearisome. First Foot. First Fist. How are we to make sense of any of this? I shall call this town Shithole.

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Book Review: Northern Lights

Book One of His Dark Materials

By Philip Pullman

Lyra is a wild child amongst a family of scholars. She has no known parents, but when her mysterious uncle comes to the university, her mischievousness saves his life. And her eyes are opened.

A deep yearning to follow her uncle and follow him north stirs, but no. She must stay where she is. That is until the fabulously cosmopolitan Mrs Coulter offers her the same opportunity. She leaves, but not before she is given a strange golden compass.

But her friend has been stolen by the Gobblers, and Mrs Coulter is involved. So she flees. She runs, and with the help of the Gyptians, a family she never knew she had, she treks north to save her friend and her uncle. But there is so much more to it than that. There is magic afoot, and she is at the centre of it all.

Another series I’ve failed to read for way too long, and another brilliant one at that. I got confused to start with and couldn’t work out where this book fitted into the . Wasn’t the first one called the ‘Golden Compass’, I asked myself? Of course, what I was missing was that the Golden Compass is the ‘US publication-name’. So in conclusion, Northern Lights is the Golden Compass. Got it?

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Book Review: The Wise Man’s Fear

Book Two of Kingkiller Chronicles

By Patrick Rothfuss

Kvothe has survived his first terms at the University, but not without building a bit of a reputation. Is it a good reputation? Maybe not, but it is a reputation. And with reputation comes those who want to break that reputation, and Kvothe is no exception. Perhaps it’s time to take a break? His tutors agree, and he sets foot into the wide world.

And although he has lost his most tangible link to his childhood obsession, he gains in other areas. His adventures take him far and wide, and his life is rich with adventure: hobnobbing with royalty; cavorting with faeries; and being humbled by the legendary Adem mercenaries.

But all roads lead to his past, and the heavy weight of his family’s fate still hangs around his neck. Now he has the tools to do something, so all that’s left is to find the murderers. Unfortunately, that has always been the problem. It still is.

Hurrah!  The second book in the fantastic Kingkiller Chronicles.  Book one – The Name of the Wind – is a rather hard act to follow, so does this achieve the impossible and live up to the lofty expectations that book one laid?  Yes.  Just yes.  This another multi-layered masterpiece and I’m left even hungrier for the sequel.  Come on Pat.  When’s it gonna be ready?

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