Book Review: Salvation’s Dawn

Book One of the Eve of Redemption

By Joe Jackson

The mother of all wars is over, but there is no rest for Kari. Her religious order calls her to investigate curious happenings, and the threat of another war looms large.S

She joins a group of mercenaries, heading off around the world. But this will not be only about the mission. There is a darkness lying deep inside Kari, and it trumps anything she might be called to battle with a sword. It is time she faced up to it.

Overall I like this book. The core concepts are rather interesting, and there is enough complexity to keep the mind jumbled for life. The plot of Salvation’s Dawn itself is relatively simple, but there are also sharp undertones which guide us towards the inevitable sequels. There were a number of things that didn’t work for me, but mostly I was contented. I won’t jump straight into the sequel, but I will add it to my to-read list.

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Beagle’s Blot 15 | Making ‘Zon

We hopped for twenty-seven days and twenty-six nights.  Twenty-six.  Fifteen of those evenings were spent in suitable establishment hovels along the boggy coast, but eleven were spent under the stars.  In the open.  Exposed to the elements.  That was both incredible and terrible.

What was incredible?  The stars.  Only the Uncle knew it was that breathtaking.  Being a keen enthusiast of Celestia, I’ve always prided myself on my knowledge of the heavens.  But out there, with no man-made light to interfere, the effect was truly stunning.  It is actually difficult to identify a patch of true-dark.  The depth of the star blanket is staggering.

And then the terrible.  I woke one night to find huge lizard-like eyes peering down at me.  Huge.  My instinct told me it was a dragon, so I leapt up and scampered from the rock right into the boggy water.  Squelching around in the middy filth, the huge dragon-lizard proceeded to settle onto the rock and close its eyes.  Sleeping.  I had apparently stolen its spot.

“A dragon!”  I pointed at the vast scaly bulk and Hop-Man opened an eye.  Then closed it again.

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