Book Review: The Thief who Spat in Luck’s Good Eye

Book Two of the Amra Thetys Series

By Michael McClung

Amra has enjoyed the quiet life for too long, but that’s about to change. Her long-time companion and master-mage, Holgren, fancies a trip to a long-lost city. Who is she to refuse? He’s done so much for her, so she should really return the favour. And besides. What could possibly go wrong?

But Amra’s life is never that simple, and a straightforward feint and grab turns quickly sour. There are forces at work that she could not begin to comprehend, and the gods are watching too. If she’s going to survive, then she needs to tread carefully. Very carefully indeed.

Well, that was an fantastic second part to a fabulous series.  Amra Thetys really is a likeable rogue, and her adventures here are just as action-packed.  I’m not particularly clear on where the series is going, but the journey is fun so who cares?  Perhaps this wasn’t quite as spectacular as book one, but a great read nonetheless.

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Up Close & Personal

It’s time for the latest part of my “implementing Deep POV” blog series. This is the seventh blog in the series, and this one is all about being up close and personal. Too cryptic I hear you say? Okay, this is all about depth issues. Don’t worry, I’ll explain a bit further down. And no, it’s not about being out of one’s depth. I’m definitely out of my depth, but I’m ploughing on regardless.

Now, in case it wasn’t obvious, this is part of a series of blogs where I’m applying the principles outlined by Marcy Kennedy in her fantastic book: A Busy Writer’s Guide to Deep POV. I’ve been through lots already, and if you missed it, you can find out more below.
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Book Review: Champion

Book three of the Sanctuary Series

By Robert J Crane

Sanctuary’s reputation has grown over time, led by the human General, Cyrus Davidon.  But it is Vara, another officer with a curious prophecy attached to her, who stirs the most interest.  She is targeted by a group of assassins, and is forced to flee home.

Back in the Elven kingdom, Cyrus fights to keep Vara safe.  And in the hostile familial atmosphere, they may actually come to accept each other for who they are.  But the world is a place of war, and that war comes to their doorstep.  Will Cyrus and Vara still accept all they have been through once the fighting is done?

This is the third instalment of the Sanctuary series, and it is the strongest book so far.  Great!  The plot itself is more noble, and we are starting to scratch beneath the surface of this world that has been created.  This is a meatier book than the previous two, and perhaps a little fatty too, but it develops nicely and leads us tantalisingly into the rest of the series.

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Author Newsletter: June 2017

So, it’s been a little while since I’ve done one of these. January in fact. What’s new? Well, it’s been a pretty busy first six months of the year, and here are the highlights:

  • My little family grew by one: a little girl!
  • A complete re-write of ‘Fear’s Union’. In fact, it’s so different, it won’t even be called Fear’s Union. A new series is born (and sadly, the old series is being retired before it gets going);
  • A complete second edit of a ‘romantic comedy’ tentatively titled ‘Destination Happiness’.
  • A personal ‘re-brand’. My deep-POV analysis is complete, and I like it! I am now officially a deep-POV writer.
  • And loads of research for my fantasy series.

So, without further ado, this is what’s in the newsletter:

  1. What’s all this deep-POV nonsense?
  2. Where’s this romantic comedy come from?
  3. What’s happened to Fear’s Union?
  4. What happened to Dark Side of the Stone?
  5. And what can I expect to see in the future?

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