Why Write?

My Mission

My authorial mission is to: 1) give a few people a few satisfied hours of reading and immersion; and 2) to encourage other aspiring authors by sharing my experiences.  In these two small ways, I hope to change the world, and in doing so, drive a greater sense of personal satisfaction.

To want to write is to love reading, so that is where I started.  I love reading and the sense of escapism it brings, and I love reading a variety of genres – it is the story that’s important, not the setting.  The setting just becomes a preference.

That being said, my preference has traditionally been for epic fantasy, and so that is where I write.

The desire to write then flows naturally from the hunger for reading.  I love music too, and with music comes imagination, which combined with the inspiration from reading, morphs into stories.  And once you have a good story, you want to share it.

So the next step is to get your story on paper.  For me, this was the hardest part – I do not have a literary background – but even when the words aren’t good, the satisfaction that comes from writing is immense.  And this only fuels further.

That’s it really – I was compelled to transform my imagination into a novel, and continue to push for publication so that my work can be shared.  And it’s fair to say I’ve been writing quite some time, with various challenges along the way, and this website seems like a great place to share those experiences.  If I could inspire others to write, that would be a great outcome.

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