Age of Ku

Epic Fantasy Trilogy

The Age of Ku is an epic fantasy trilogy that tells the story of the second coming of the Age of Ku – an ancient shadow that hangs over the world of l’Unna, and which threatens once more.

The story follows three protagonists with three separate conundrums: responsibility or freedom; love or lust; fear or existence.  They are companions, close, but set against a backdrop of impending disaster, they are driven irrevocably apart.  Can they overcome their challenges and help avert the impending disaster?  Or will they succumb to the forces upon them?

Set in a medieval fantasy world, the plot is complemented by political and religious interest, and a cast of intriguing peripheral characters:

  • A legendary hero with questionable morals and an absence of human qualities;
  • A shady interventionist with unclear allegiance and surprising reach;
  • A young traitorous leader who inherits the rule of his land too early;
  • A priest with clouded means;
  • A military general with a severe grudge and remarkable capabilities.

Dusk is coming, and with it, the second Age of Ku.  The world will never be the same again.

Book One: Fear’s Union

Fear’s Union: the Coming of the Age of KuFear's-Union

Description: Dusk is coming, and the world is not ready.  Anejo is a member of the ruling family of Ahan, with responsibilities to match, but all she wants is to follow her soldiering life.  Xen pursues an illicit relationship which is against the rules of her institution, but the emotions run too hot to control.  And Aran is fighting simply to remain: as a soldier, and as a human.  Can they take command of their personal tribulations before the second coming smothers their world?    Or will they be tripped by the web of political disjoint.

Dusk is coming, and its reach is further than the waking world can know.

Book Two: While They’re Down

While They’re Down: the Dawn of the Age of Ku

Description: Dusk is coming, and its reach is further than the waking world can know.  Anejo’s role in the upper echelons accelerates, and she struggles to keep hold of the life components that keep her from turmoil.  Xen’s existence is thrown into equal chaos when her illicit affair is ripped from her, but how will she react to this pain?  And Aran struggles against the momentum of his devious path, but can he really fight it?  Enemies swarm as weakness seeps, and defeat sneaks cruelly from the carcass of victory.  But what can be done against such unassailable odds?

Dusk is coming, and it has the world exactly where it wants it.

Book Three: Untitled

Untitled: the Rise of the Age of Ku

Description: Dusk is coming, and it has the world exactly where it wants it.  What is there to do but fight?

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