While They’re Down

Book Two: The Dawn of the Age of Ku

Ahan reels from the devastating outcome of the conflict with dusk; it is the shallowest of victories.  The country’s hierarchy is shattered by loss, and Anejo feels the pressure of her lineage pressing upon her.  Her sought path is intact, but precariously so.  Can she balance the increasing responsibility with her own wild inclinations?

Xen, meanwhile, is shattered by her own personal loss, and the ensuing madness drives her from Anejo – a situation that does damage to both friends.  And Aran is in flight, seeking escape from the crime he so narrowly avoided, but still compelled to fulfil his charge.  The three friends find themselves entangled in a web, and end up facing the very real prospect of each other.

But dusk is only averted, and its reach is further than anyone can know.  The cauldron of war is stirring nicely, and as the threads of Society are bared to reveal unexpected fragility, Ahan’s enemies seize the opportunity.  After all, it’s easiest to kick yourprey while they’re down.

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