It wouldn’t be an epic fantasy series without all the bells and whistles, would it?  Well, I agree.  So here is your fix of additional content from the World of Ku.  I’ve tried to put a bit of a spin on how this is presented – I hope you enjoy!

Maps of the World of Ku

Pretty standard here I’m afraid.  A handful of maps that will help you navigate the World of Ku:

The Near World



Interviews with the Cast

As a writer, you have to really get to know your characters.  And what better way is there to get to know them than to interview them!  This is obviously best done in private (where onlookers can’t see you speaking to yourself), but I thought the transcripts were pretty good, so I thought I’d share them:

An interview with Anejo di Jinq | Interviewer: James Hockley

An interview with Adnan ap Kantal | Interviewer: James Hockley

Beagle’s Blot

What better way is there to get to know the World of Ku than to live and breathe it?  And I don’t mean through the exceptional eyes of our cast – they are way too busy to notice the details.  Fortunately, I’ve found this chap called Beagle who – by happenchance – is travelling around and recording his journey in a blot (a new-fangled idea in Mandaria, but you’ll know it as a blog).  Beagle will be blotting his exploits regularly, and we’ll link through to the series here for ease of access.

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