The Dark Side of the Stone

Book Three in the Mikaetan Chronicles

Delf has a big hole in her life, and where there are holes there are questions.  And one question in particular haunts her: why?  Why was her family killed?

But self-pity is not a trait that responsibility permits, and like it or not, Delf has responsibility.  Her father needs her, and an Empire needs running.  She must step into her dead mother’s dress.

As she slowly gets to grips with the vast problem before her, she finds inspiration from the past: her mother’s words.  It seems she is only the latest in a long line to tackle an age-old problem.  But her father is nothing if not stubborn, and she must find a way past his stagnant views.  In the end, there is only one route.

But as her confidence grows with insight, the truth that has eluded her starts to take form.  Its shape is chilling.  Can she really push on and answer the question that has plagued her so long?  The answer will change things, and not just for her.  An Empire is at stake.


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