Book Review: Bridgefinders

Book 1 of the Echo Worlds Series

By Joshua C Cook

This is a contemporary fantasy set on this here Earth, just as we know it.  But there is actually more to our world than we think –Bridgefinders_BookCover there is an alternate world where magic reigns, and where a malicious enemy plots Earth’s downfall.  See, this enemy wants to control Earth, but fortunately there is an underground group of heroes who fight off these unwanted attentions.  These heroes are called the Bridgefinders.

And our protagonist is a Bridgefinder called Cendan Key.  Only at outset, he is not a Bridgefinder.  Hence begins a story of discovery and retaliation.

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Book in a Blog: Mandestroy 8

Will Kantal win over his king?

And will he get to fMandestroy_Book_Coverulfil his objective and become the master tactician to crack the Mandari puzzle?  Well, if these questions are burning, then fortunately for you, there is an epilogue – the answer’s right here!

Maybe not all the answers you are hoping for, but something to whet the appetite.  More on that below.

But in the meantime, let’s find out what became of Kantal’s plans.

Read on blog warrior.

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Book Review: Delusional

By Scott Spotson

This is a crime novel; and a fantasy novel; and a thriller.  And also a romance.  A book of many genres, then.  The fantasy aspect is small Delusional_Book_Coverreally, but it is important – adding a whole other challenge to the crime aspect (which itself is really a smaller part) and also the thriller aspect (which is the biggest part).  But this is really a romantic story of love impeded by the barrier of a wife, and the retaliation of that wife against the burgeoning relationship.  It’s a well-worn template (I suspect!), but here it is embellished with some great colouring.  It’s a good book.

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Book in a Blog: Mandestroy 7

So Kantal has survived…

…his scrape with death, and wasn’t that exciting!  For those of you who are asking where the good ol’ fight scene was, I may be keeping that up my sleeve (or indeed I haven’t written it yet).  I think I will write it and I’ll put it into a special version of Mandestroy that is only available from my website – for avid fans to enjoy.  But we’ll have to wait for that I’m afraid.

But where can we go from here?  Well, if you remember from the second blog, our general was involved in some heated discussions about a plan to leverage out those perpetually infuriating invaders – the Mandai.  He was being challenged rather sternly, and he ended up looking to his own story for confidence.  Well we’ve heard his story, so what now?  Let’s find out.

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Book in a Blog: Mandestroy 6

Where are we?

Well we’re one week behind schedule – that’s where we are.  I blame it on a web-based technical fault, but actually it was a bit of a blessing.  I was a bit behind on my final edit anyway!

Now in the novella, Kantal has found himself joining the army, which really makes absolute sense for someone with his aggressive abilities.  In fact, why didn’t he follow that path earlier?  But the problem with the army is that he is bottom of the pile and expected to obey orders, where he’s come from a world where he’s bottom of the pile and ignored.  This could be a challenge for our hard-headed hero.

But he also has an objective and a purpose – to defeat the Mandahoi.  It has always been his purpose if truth be told, but only now is he committed to that path.  And the Prince is pushing him along too!  Where will this get him?  Well, we saw a glimpse of the moment in the prologue.  It’s time to get the whole story.

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Author Newsletter July 2016

Yep – I’ve given up on the silly titles.  It didn’t take long did it?  My knowledge of news based quiz shows is not extensive enough to keep it going any longer.  And beyond that, I saw an article by Jane Friedman here which suggested it was not a productive idea!  So we have a functional title instead.

And on that note – thanks to Jane for her excellent blog advice.  I have signed up to a few ‘writing bloggers’ out there, but I have to say that Jane has become my go-to source of self-publishing info.  There’s always something useful there.

Now, on with the news.  What’s been happening?  Here’s the highlights:

  • England rugby union rolled over the Aussies in their own back yard!  Hurrah;
  • England football limped out of the European Championships with an embarrassing whimper.  Not so hurrah;
  • And Brexit happened.  Brexit actually happened.  Oh dear god;
  • I have been reviewing a lot of books in a quest to get some feedback on Fear’s Union;
  • Mandestroy has continued to be edited and is being blogged with a view to getting it published at the end of the month (still).

And that’s about it – I think.  It doesn’t sound like a lot when I put it like that.

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Beagle’s Blot 6 | Malhorn

My goal is Mallis.  I yearn to see the great spear that is the lonely home of the Grey Lady.  The Jinq may be the master architects, but the Mallahn managed their own statement.  That will be a magnificent sight – I am sure of it – but it remains elusive.  It turns out that this island of ours is much bigger than I anticipated.

Three cycles of the sun took us clear of the southern mountains of the Adunas Mahija and up the peninsula that is the ancestral home of the Mallahn.  But there is plenty of peninsula still to go.  All that pain and ache; all the scrubbing; all the gruel; all of that and I still can’t see my goal.  I will have to walk some more, and as I realise this, my feet groaned.

My goodness I have become maudlin.

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