How Bad Can it Be?

Implementing Deep POV

I had a month off with respect my writing experience blogs. Then again, it was NaNoWriMo, so it was onlydeeppovcover fair wasn’t it? Well now NaNoWriMo is over, and it’s time to dig back in.

Here I will be picking up where I left off – following and applying the principles of this little beauty of a book. And this month I start to get stuck in with a series of recommended actions and applying tests to the live version of Mandestroy. Now, I thought Mandestroy was pretty tight (see my Writing Mandestroy page if you don’t believe me!) but applying the tests in here opened up an eye-watering number of “errors”. Bloody hell. Read on to find out more.

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Book Review: A Wizard of Earthsea

Book One of the Earthsea Cycle

By Ursula Le Guin

“Ged has talent, and he knows it.  And he is keen to play to that talent.  He gathers what tutorage he can, but soon he must follow his own ambitions.  He is going to train as a wizard.

But though he has ability, he is still young.  Very young.  With great power comes great responsibility, and this is not something that is easily taught.  And so it is that when Ged is goaded into showing off his talents, he finds himself playing with powers that he doesn’t fully understand.  He puts himself in grave danger.

Cursed by his actions, Ged moves sombrely through life.  But all things come to a choice, and these are his: to keep running, or to face the consequences of his past.  It is his, and only his choice to make, but though he thinks he is alone with this challenge, he has friends in many places.  Can they help him to make the right choice?  Only Ged knows.”

Well, this was another classic.  This is a beautiful children’s tale, a lesson to us all, painted against a stunning backdrop.  It certainly feels its age, but that is no bad thing – it remains fresh but in a classic style.  This is another series I will be picking up in the future.

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Author Newsletter December 2016

Another very busy month, but justifiably so. And why is this? Because I wrote a new book! You can find all about it here. Admittedly it isn’t the finished product, but I think it’s a good first draft. Anyway, on with the news.

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Book Review: The Destroyer

Book One of the Destroyer Series

By Michael-Scott Earle

“Kaiyer has been sleeping for many hundreds of years.  But now he is awake.  Why?  Because someone believes he is the O’Baarni.  Someone believes that Kaiyer is the destroyer of the Ancients.

Because the threat of the Ancients has arisen again, and the humans look to past successes for their future gains.  But Kaiyer has only a patchy memory, and even though he has clear talent, it is not clear whether it will be enough.  And indeed, if Kaiyer is anything, he is uncontrollable.

As the memories return and as the threat draws in, Kaiyer uncovers more of what he was.  But even amongst friends there are enemies, and amongst enemies there are lost loves.  Nothing is clear except one thing: the war has only just begun.”

I really enjoyed reading this book.  This is a great opening gambit by an exciting new author.  It is a story of war and love (or actually, sex), so it has strong foundations.  And set in a rich fantasy world with evil elves, complex histories, and great characters, there is lots to enjoy.  There were some aspects I was a touch less keen on, but they didn’t detract from the core of the book.

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