Book Review: Hunted

Book 2 of the Dragonlands Series

By Megg Jensen

Hutton’s Bridge has been freed of the fog, but all is not well. The secrets of the village have now been revealed, and those who would look to gain are gathering.

Tressa, who escaped the fog, rushes to secure the interests of her village. But the residents are gone. To find out where they’ve gone, she seeks the yellow dragon – the Queen of the Sands. On the journey, she is thrown into emotional turmoil. The curiosities run deeper than she can imagine.

And Bastian, Tressa’s long-time love, has his own problems to deal with. His friend, Connor, has been changed, but he is alive which is more than they could have hoped for. Can Bastian coerce Connor into helping search for the missing residents of Hutton’s Bridge? And will they react in time to help Tressa? The lost residents may rely upon it.

This is the second part of Megg Jensen’s Dragonlands series. Here we step onto the wider world, albeit through the eyes of the same characters: Tressa and Bastian. This is a natural extension of the first book, and it steps along the story-path in a natural and intriguing way. If you’ve read the first book, this is worth picking up, especially since it’s free. A good little read.

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Beagle’s Blot 16 | Rotting

Time is something I’ve had for a while now, but in here, it is something else entirely.  A whole huge amount of time.  On the roads, or even hopping, the mind is distracted with the act of progression.  In here, there is no progression.  Only time.

Why have I been hauled into the cells?  It really is confounding.  My best guess is that it is to do with the lot of gold I owe a Mahani prince, but does that really deserve such treatment?  I am such a fool.

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