Beagle’s Blot 17 | Hoarding the Edge

It was nice to be walking again, and here, the roads were fine.  Finer perhaps than those in Mandaria.  Cobbled, with drainage along each side and a curvature, they really were fine.  We walked amidst a steady flow of traffic.

After a day, we stopped at an inn and bedded down for the night.  I was ordered to change my appearance again, and this time opted to trim my hair right back and shave my beard to stubble.  I actually looked slightly rough I have to say, though my skinny arms rather ruined the effect.

I changed my clothes too, adopting the colourful garb of the local populace.  The land around was undulating and green, great mountains rearing to the north and south.  It appeared that ‘Zon had been built on the western coast at the point of a break in the Spine.  Travel was therefore easy and Hop-Man was walking briskly at my side.

“You called that town Allazon.”


“I got near-ground for using that name.  I was told in no uncertain terms that the name of the town was ‘Zon.”


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