Beagle’s Blot 18 | The Way of the Green

The flip-coin player never declared his bastard heritage, but that is okay.  He gave me so much more.

Ander is right.  The Hânto are hoarding the ‘short talent’ so far as it exists in Xeidan.  To what purpose, no-one knows, but they are incredibly protective about it and gather it mercilessly.  In fact, one story nugget went that a farmer was being rinsed by the constables for an apparently failed declaration, but when the farmer’s child was discovered to have just a smidge of talent, the affair was forgotten if the man gave up his child.  He did, and he even got Godswill exemption for a year.  That is unheard of.

It chills me that this greed-driven family have such power over fortune, but the reality is that all the High-Families are the same.  In fact, the Hánto ae greed-riddled simply because they are inadequate.  They are barren with talent.

So, from that, I come to two questions:

  • What are they doing with this hoard?
  • And how are they hoarding in the first place?

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