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Beagle’s Blot 6 | Malhorn

My goal is Mallis.  I yearn to see the great spear that is the lonely home of the Grey Lady.  The Jinq may be the master architects, but the Mallahn managed their own statement.  That will be a magnificent sight – I am sure of it – but it remains elusive.  It turns out that this island of ours is much bigger than I anticipated.

Three cycles of the sun took us clear of the southern mountains of the Adunas Mahija and up the peninsula that is the ancestral home of the Mallahn.  But there is plenty of peninsula still to go.  All that pain and ache; all the scrubbing; all the gruel; all of that and I still can’t see my goal.  I will have to walk some more, and as I realise this, my feet groaned.

My goodness I have become maudlin.

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Beagle’s Blot 4 | Namcalla

It was worth it.  All the pain; it was all ruddy worth it!  I feel like I could fly right now.

Which would be useful, if only to ease the burden on my poor feet.  Damn – I shall spend some time here, that is for certain.  And what a chore that will be.

Where the man meets the sea.



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Beagle’s Blot Three | Over Adunas

Confidence.  It’s a wonderful thing.  That is, until it’s blown away by the sour breath of reality.  I am no adventurer.

Buoyed as I was by the false bravado of my manly pursuits in the employ of the inn, the frail and inflated expectations I had of myself came to be well short of requirements.  For all the hammering and sawing; sweat and toil; boldness and bravado; and underneath the shallow veil, I was still a soft son of the city.  The residents of that decrepit old inn may have bought my display easily enough, but the mountains were not such fools.  No indeed – they ate my disguise for breakfast.

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Beagle’s Blot Two | Between

These boots aren’t made for walking.  And nor am I.

I’ve only been going a day, and already the bitter taste of defeat has faded to a vague tang; dominated as it is by the overwhelming urge for comfort.  Oh comfort, how I miss thee!  I think I have a blister coming, but I’m loathed to take my shoes off for fear of not getting them back on.  They seem to be bulging in their tight prison today, where yesterday, they were snugly encased in fine soft leather.  That expensive leather is now caked with dust too, which is extremely unlikely to wash out.

But I will soldier on, and in doing so, will report to you, my beloved readership, on my progress and my findings.  And my oh my, what findings!  I am only a day from the lavish comfort of Callij, and already I am overwhelmed by the difference.  It is stark.

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