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Author Newsletter July 2016

Yep – I’ve given up on the silly titles.  It didn’t take long did it?  My knowledge of news based quiz shows is not extensive enough to keep it going any longer.  And beyond that, I saw an article by Jane Friedman here which suggested it was not a productive idea!  So we have a functional title instead.

And on that note – thanks to Jane for her excellent blog advice.  I have signed up to a few ‘writing bloggers’ out there, but I have to say that Jane has become my go-to source of self-publishing info.  There’s always something useful there.

Now, on with the news.  What’s been happening?  Here’s the highlights:

  • England rugby union rolled over the Aussies in their own back yard!  Hurrah;
  • England football limped out of the European Championships with an embarrassing whimper.  Not so hurrah;
  • And Brexit happened.  Brexit actually happened.  Oh dear god;
  • I have been reviewing a lot of books in a quest to get some feedback on Fear’s Union;
  • Mandestroy has continued to be edited and is being blogged with a view to getting it published at the end of the month (still).

And that’s about it – I think.  It doesn’t sound like a lot when I put it like that.

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Book Review: Coinman

An Untold Conspiracy

By Pawan Mishra

This is the first truly literary work I’ve read in a while. I like it.

The story is set in a small office in India and focuses on aCoinman_BookCover discriminated odd-ball called Coinman – so called because he habitually plays with coinage in his pocket, the sound of which drives his colleagues to distraction. What follows is a collaborative vendetta against the ‘tyranny’ of the coins and their unrelenting noise, and all the associated fallout with such a revolution. It is a comic and well written spin on something that will not be entirely alien to anyone familiar with office life. A very clever idea.

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