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Book Review: Bridgebreaker

Book 2 of the Echo Worlds Series

By Joshua Cook

The threat of Earth’s magical enemy has been averted, but far from being safe, the world must remain alert.  The world needs the Bridgefinders as much as it ever did.  But there is a problem, and the Bridgefinders don’t know how to fix it.  Even the newly recruited and mercurial Cendan Key doesn’t have the answer.

Perhaps they will need to consort with others in the world with abilities, those that the Bridgefinders have shunned for generations?  Can they take this step?

Against a backdrop of an impending invasion by an even bigger danger, the need for unity exposes gaping holes in the legions of Earth.  Old wounds heal slowly – or perhaps not at all – and even within the Bridgefinders themselves, jealousy now threatens the stability.

It is up to Cendan Key, a man who only a few weeks ago reluctantly consented to believe in the mission of the Bridgefinders, to unite the world against its common enemy.  But first he must master the abilities that naturally reside within him.  Does he have the time to succeed?”

As you will have gathered, this is the second book in the Echo Worlds series of novels.  In my view, this is a much stronger leg.  The first book really sets the scene and explores a magical combative underbelly to the world we currently reside in, and throws its reluctant protagonist into this secretive world.  This second novel really takes this premise, and throws the doors wide open.  It adds much greater depth to proceedings, and I for one really enjoyed this.

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Book Review: Bridgefinders

Book 1 of the Echo Worlds Series

By Joshua C Cook

This is a contemporary fantasy set on this here Earth, just as we know it.  But there is actually more to our world than we think –Bridgefinders_BookCover there is an alternate world where magic reigns, and where a malicious enemy plots Earth’s downfall.  See, this enemy wants to control Earth, but fortunately there is an underground group of heroes who fight off these unwanted attentions.  These heroes are called the Bridgefinders.

And our protagonist is a Bridgefinder called Cendan Key.  Only at outset, he is not a Bridgefinder.  Hence begins a story of discovery and retaliation.

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