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Beagle’s Blot 12 | Leaving Mandaria

It turns out that escaping Mallis was nowhere near as troublesome as I had feared. I needn’t have stayed so long. Then again, without my stay, my pockets would not have rattled with so much coinage, and so I’m not disappointed. It is good to feel flush.

I now have several golds in my pocket, interspersed amongst a host of silver and iron. Lots of sizes and weights, good for honest cash transactions. But I am no fool any longer. Most of my golds and all of my steels are stashed in private places – my underwear for example. Society may be the pinnacle of civilisation, but poverty is still a problem. And a poor man will go to extraordinary lengths.

After all, I’m now fleeing my home for that very reason. It would be a lie to say that this isn’t unnerving. It is. Very.

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Beagle’s Blot 11 | Flip-Coin

So, that was a bit unexpected.  And indeed, it was as unexpected for me as it was for you!  But yes, it is true.  I am deeply indebted to a prince of Callij.  Deeply indebted.  You may call me a fool, and I would agree with you, but when you hear the odds I played, I challenge anyone to claim they would have done otherwise.  My losses are an utter farce, but the problem is that I cannot prove that.  There was no way to rig the game.  No way.

Or so I thought…  The Lady has been kind, and I now have my chance, however remote it may seem.  I will unravel this mystery once and for all.  I am an investigative mercenary, and I am excited.  Yes, this is genuinely exciting.  And it changes my travels somewhat, too.  No longer am I flying from debt.  Now I am moving forward with intrigue.  This is genuinely exciting!

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Beagle’s Blot 10 | The Lady

What follows is a transcript of the meeting between myself and the Lady.  I still tingle at the experience.

[Beagle]: Good afternoon, my Lady.  It is an honour.  I have heard so much about you, and yet I never imagined I’d have the privilege.  You honour me.

[The Lady] On the contrary.  It is only correct to dignify your eloquent letter with an audience.

But you must get hundreds of audience requests?

Oh, nonsense.  Who would want to come and see this wisp of a woman.  I am not lonely by choice.


Don’t be silly.  And anyway, I have heard much about you too.  I have been eager to make your acquaintance.

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Beagle’s Blot 9 | Mallis

My goodness.  My goodness.  Oh my.

Rather naively, I believed that Callij was irreparable in this mortal realm of ours.  In one sense this is true – nowhere else can the pure excess of Callij be matched.  But I believed more than that too.  I believed that Callij was an architectural beacon.  I believed it was a jewel.

But if Callij is a diamond, then Mallis is a sapphire.  And which is more beautiful?  It depends on your perspective, surely.  This truly is a remarkable place.

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Beagle’s Blot 8 | Essol Ranella

I’m moving once more!  Yes; yes – I’m back on the move.  Two seasons I have been holed up in the home of the merchant, but I find myself in a much stronger position.  I am ready this time.

And I am sated.  Certainly that.

The female hospitality on offer truly was delicious, and my living wage was enough to keep me in flesh for a long time to come.  But that is my old life – that is the mark of Callij – and I am trying to break free of that mould.  Yes indeed; I have grown my friends.  Grown!

That being said, it was mighty hard to pull my path thus.  I really have enjoyed my time.

“Are you certain you want to leave?  You have been mighty valuable to us.”

My esteemed employer evidently values my wok highly, too.  Oh my goodness, it is hard to leave this comfort.  In Callij I was a failed architect, but out here, in the Between, I am almost a master engineer.  It is praise I could get used to, but there is one small problem.

I know the reality of it.

“I must continue my journey.  That is my true differentiator.”

And the journey is my differentiator.  I am not a spectacular architect – I am barely mediocre.  In the wilderness I may cause merchants to go bleary-eyed with demand, but in Callij – or any hub for that matter – I am merely an underqualified noble.

But I am also blotting my way across Society.  That is different, and that is unique.  That is the path I must follow.

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Beagle’s Blot 6 | Malhorn

My goal is Mallis.  I yearn to see the great spear that is the lonely home of the Grey Lady.  The Jinq may be the master architects, but the Mallahn managed their own statement.  That will be a magnificent sight – I am sure of it – but it remains elusive.  It turns out that this island of ours is much bigger than I anticipated.

Three cycles of the sun took us clear of the southern mountains of the Adunas Mahija and up the peninsula that is the ancestral home of the Mallahn.  But there is plenty of peninsula still to go.  All that pain and ache; all the scrubbing; all the gruel; all of that and I still can’t see my goal.  I will have to walk some more, and as I realise this, my feet groaned.

My goodness I have become maudlin.

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