We have lift off!

Finally, the wait is over…

… for me at least.  I can’t imagine this has been playing on too many other people’s minds.  But that’s not the point.  I’ve managed to build my author platform, and more than that, design my own website!  This is big news.

When I decided to build an author platform back in December, I found Tim Grahl’s excellent piece on building an author platform in only one hour hugely inspiring.  One and a half months later, I still think Tim’s advice was very useful, though I challenge anyone to actually do it in an hour!  Think “Jamie’s 15 minute meals”.  Nonetheless, regardless of what I think, the opinion of others is invaluable, so tell me what you think of the website by leaving a comment below or contacting me.

But who are you?

What’s that I hear you ask?  Let’s hear a little bit more about who yPeoplePowerou are and what you’re offering?  Fair request.  Well, I am James Hockley, a UK based (aspiring) fantasy author who’s just joined the self-publishing revolution.  You can read a lot more about me here, but ultimately, I wanted to find a way to share my work, and after lots of internet research, decided to take the plunge into the world of author websites!

And what is it you’re writing?

Well, I write what I like to read, and generally, that is fantasy of rather epic proportions – think of the usual suspects: George RR Martin; Mark Lawrence; Pat Rothfuss; Scott Lynch.  My first project is a long time in the making (as you can see from my first blog on my writing adventure) and it is an epic fantasy series titled the Age of Ku.  I aim to release the first book, Fear’s Union, later in the year (think December rather than March) which is very exciting.  This is the blurb:

Fear’s Union follows three protagonists with three separate conundrums: responsibility or freedom; love or lust; fear or existence.  They are companions, close, but set against a backdrop of impending disaster – after all, dusk is coming – they are driven fatally apart.  Can they overcome their challenges and help avert the impending disaster?  Or will they succumb to the forces upon them?

But that’s a long time away, so I also intend to release a prequel novella titled Mandestroy in the first half of this year.  The intention is to make this freely available at online book stores as soon as its ready.  Now that I’ve stopped faffing with the website, maybe I can get on with it!

And in the meantime?

There’s also plenty of material on this here website to whet the appetite.  Cop a load of this:

  • A free short story titled Dusk is Coming is available by signing up for the monthly newsletter (which itself will also provide loads more information on what I’m up to);
  • Sample chapters from both Fear’s Union and Mandestroy are available on the linked pages;
  • And other great material is available on the resources page, including: character interviews; Beagle’s adventures in the World of Ku; and coming soon, some maps!  More material will appear over time, and I will send out alerts via twitter if you want to be notified.

Or alternatively, keep updated by signing up for my monthly newsletter (see below).

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